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Kim grooms Pilot and Gypsy weekly, whether they have a dog show or not. As a result, they stay in "show shape" all the time -- looking, smelling, and feeling fantastic. There's nothing better than running your hands over a soft, fragrant fur coat and being rewarded with a wagging tail and lots of kisses. 😁

While we have been grooming and handling dogs for a long time, our business is new. We've tried to keep our website simple and informative. After you review our Services, please feel free to book an appointment directly online, or of course, give us a call.

We are also very excited about the upcoming renovation our 3200 sqft facility at 159 Linden Street in Wellesley. The new store will provide us the space we need to expand our services beyond grooming. We hope to open our new indoor dog park early in 2019. Frankly, it can't get done fast enough for us.

Lastly, we are grooming and offering private training sessions while we're under renovation. And... we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services. If you or your puppy are not happy, we will fix it or refund your payment. We hope to meet you soon!

All the best,

We are Michael and Kim LaRoche, and we own and operate Pampered Puppies in Wellesley, MA. We believe puppies (we affectionately call all dogs "puppies"), just like us, enjoy being pampered and benefit from a little time away from home hanging out with friends. We are building our business with this in mind.

We have been asked why? Besides our obvious love of puppies, we couldn't find the things we wanted locally for our Portuguese Water Dogs (Pilot and Gypsy). So, we thought... build it! So, here we are. We'd like to send out a special thanks to all our friends and customers for your support and encouragement to "build it".


About Us

Near Unleashed by Petco, across the street from Citgo and The Linden Store (in the space formerly Miss Michelle's Dance Academy).