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Our current services are listed below. The fees shown will apply to most situations. However, if there is an unusual need, we will adjust accordingly. This will be communicated in advance of any work.

Our Services

GroomingShampoo, conditioner, blow, cut, brush, eyes, ears, nails
..... Small Short Hair (<30lbs)$45
..... Small Long Hair (<30lbs)$55
..... Medium Short Hair (31-60lbs)$60
..... Medium Long Hair (31-60lbs)$70
..... Large Short Hair (61-100lbs)$75
..... Large Long Hair (61-100lbs)$85
..... X-Large Short Hair (>100lbs)$90
..... X-Large Long Hair (>100lbs)$100
Optional Add-Ons
..... Deep Conditioning+$25
..... De-shedding (S, M)+$20
..... De-shedding (L, XL)+$30
..... De-matting+$30$30 per 30min; 30min minimum
..... Teeth Brushing+$10
..... Flea & Tick Treatment+$30
..... De-skunking+$30
..... Anal Expression+$20
..... Private Training (Puppy)$75per hour
..... Private Training (Adult)$75per hour
..... Package of six (6) classes$360
..... Pick-up$5Service outside Wellesley add $1 per mile
..... Drop-off$5Service outside Wellesley add $1 per mile

Fees are based on a 2-6 week grooming cycle for puppies with long hair and 8-12 weeks for puppies with short hair. If your puppy gets grooming more or less frequent, then discounts or surcharges may be applicable. Please inquire at time of booking.

New customer discount (20%) applies to first time booking online and requires completion of a New Customer Registration Form at the time of booking.


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