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We are blessed to have happy and satisfied customers. We adore their puppies and look forward to regularly seeing them. Below are just a few comments they have allowed us to share with you...


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Before coming to Pampered Puppies, I have had a couple bad experiences with my puppy being groomed and was having trouble finding someone who I could trust to groom him the way I liked. Kim has done a great job every time, she does exactly what I ask for, doesn’t take off too much, and makes his face exactly how I like it – perfectly round. It is a great environment here, she is super friendly and treats Zeus so great. You can tell she is careful and takes her time to get the job done right, and always makes sure I am happy with it, which is important to me.  Overall, it has been a great experience for both myself and for Zeus; I am extremely pleased with the job being done!

Maria L (Zeus), Wellesley, MA

I brought my puppy Luna yesterday for grooming with Kim. This was our first visit. Luna is very shy and usually doesn't like to get groomed. Kim greeted her with a friendly smile, made Luna feel so comfortable in the new place, to the point that she was eager to go inside and get pampered. Kim was very attentive and listened to my requests. She took very good care of my girl, Luna looked beautiful and smelled great when I picked her up. I am very pleased with the service we received and will definitely be back. And, the price was very reasonable too!

Julia C (Luna), Wellesley, MA

We are so excited that Pampered Puppies is opening. I started using their private trainer Kevin a few weeks ago and he is really helping us with our willful puppy. They also have excellent customer service and are very responsive. I booked my appointments on their website, and have been very pleased with their speedy answers to my questions. The plans for their new facility sound great and we will definitely be there opening week!

Susan T (Harper), Wellesley, MA

Love Pampered Puppies! Kim & Michael do a meticulous job with dog grooming, nail clipping, and have a clean, modern facility. They’re friendly, kind and attentive to your needs and it’s evident that they’ve been in this business for a long time. Wellesley & the surrounding areas don’t have anything comparable to what Pampered Puppies will offer in its new home on Linden Street (opening by end of 2018 - November? December?)but even with what they offer today, I’ll continue to give them my business as they’re amazing at what they do! Thank you Kim & Michael!

Sheila R (Oscar), Wellesley, MA

Thank you Kim for making my dirty puppy GORGEOUS again!  Best of all, he was so happy to be there -- you clearly love dogs and have a wonderful way with them!

Andrea R (Voo)