Our Team

Kevin McDonald

Dog Trainer

 I am Kevin, the dog trainer here with Pampered Puppies. I have been working in Wellesley as a certified dog trainer for the last five years, and always work to employ a fun and safe environment for dogs and owners to better thrive in. I became a dog trainer because of the passion I have for dogs, but also because of the needs I saw in my community for better communication between people and their furriest friends. Nothing compares to the joy felt among companions when their needs and goals are achieved. My purpose as a trainer is to give you and your dog the skills to ensure all interactions are positive ones.


My work philosophy

I believe all dogs can benefit from structured training, regardless of age and ability or even the obvious appearance of problem behaviors. The trick is finding out what needs your individual dog has, that could be met to a better degree. Whether that is through cognitive and physical stimulation, introducing proper communications skills and social cues, or giving your dog tasks to occupy their busy minds. Every dog will value their time spent working with you.

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